A fresh pair of running shoes, an encouraging word from a friend, the smell of a dewy spring morning, the beginning of a new endeavor – we know that inspiration can come from the simplest things in life. That’s why we weave words that will inspire into each one of our TennysonRed products.

Flip over your headband to find one of our favorite motivational quotes sewn into the underside. It’s our own little, unique way to empower you to be active and be inspired throughout your day.

Design & Construction

The caliber of our design and construction is what sets TennysonRed activewear headbands apart from the pack. Offering you the ultimate accessory for the gym, the studio, the local cafe and beyond.

Unlike other companies, we seek to support domestic and fair trade by ensuring that every element of our activewear headbands are 100% knitted, woven and made here in the USA.

Engineered with seamless edges that won’t fray or roll, our headbands are designed to hug your head without causing a headache. The no-slip nature of our fabric ensures your headband will stay in place during even the most rigorous workout sessions, while still leaving your hair dent-free.

Fabric & Technology

Whether you’re sweating it out on the treadmill, practicing your plié in Barre, or stretching out on the mats – we seek to ensure TennysonRed products utilize only the most cutting-edge fabric and technology in activewear.

Our headbands are engineered from an eco-conscious, premium Sport Lycra made in the USA. Durable, breathable, comfortable and quick drying. This Poly/Lycra® blend provides everything you need for the perfect fitness accessory.

We source from a company that uses eco-friendly water-based inks and a digital print process which leads to very little waste of fabric, ink, water and electricity. No additional chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process, making TennysonRed products not only good for your body and your workout, but for the Earth too.

TennysonRed headbands are specifically designed to stand the test of time. Our fabrics have brilliant color and will wash well over and over. No pilling, no fading, no loss of shape!

Every TennysonRed print is created by a team of talented and experienced textile designers. Then, the prints are carefully selected to provide a broad range of unique activewear headbands that celebrate both individuality and style – no matter what type of workout you like.


The TennysonRed experience doesn’t just finish at the product. We ensure that every one of our headbands is signed, sealed and delivered with heart in beautiful and exclusive TennysonRed packaging. The perfect present for your best gym buddy, fitaholic friend or even for yourself, because we know you’re worth it.

Product Care

Love your headband, but don’t forget to wash it! Machine wash in cool or warm water with similar colors, then air dry.

How To Wear It

Wear your TennysonRed headband slightly over your forehead for a guaranteed no-slip grip. Rock it with the edges tucked under or fully out.

Skinny to W I D E, you decide the width – up to 4 ¼". 

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